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Before you Begin Guide

Before attending one of our WordPress Jump Starts, there’s a few essentials “before you begin” steps that that we recommend every attendee complete before attending a workshop…Continue Reading

Chicago WordPress Blog

5 Blog Startup Tips

I’ve just posted an epic blog post on Chicago WordPress Help’s sister site, the Chicago Blog Tutor, five tips to consider when starting a business blog. Since WordPress and blogging so nicely go hand-in-handContinue Reading

Best WP Contact Form Plugins

Providing a way to contact a site owner and capturing website user data is an essential component for website. Typically, it’s standard practice for websites to provide users with a web form to submit their questions directly into the websiteContinue Reading

What’s a Gravatar

The makers of WordPress, Automattic, have always had this really cool avatar program call Gravatar. This online service allows users to register and associate a profile and photo to an email address thus, according to the website, creating aContinue Reading