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WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system for building powerful websites and blogs.  Chicago WordPress Training curates a community for collaborative learning and 1:1 coaching from the pros.

Local Coaching

Learn from experienced coaches that can guide you through your web journey.

WordPress Basics

Need a jump start? No problem, we’re here to guide you regardless of any prior knowledge and collaborate with other learners who are in the same boat.

Theme Support

Already selected a theme or was given a complete site? We can help you work your way towards independence.

Web Marketing

Coaching from professional digital marketing pros on all aspects of growing your authority online. Learn how to manage, build and scale a web promotion platform.


Build a profitable web business with selling products and services with eCommerce for WordPress using the popular WooCommerce framework.


Planning a Powerful WordPress Website

Whether you’re starting a blog, an informational website or an e-commerce site, you need a content management system that is easy to develop and capable of presenting your information for any digital device. 

Join us for this free, information-only webinar to learn how WordPress works for you and if it’s the right choice in a sea of possibilities.

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