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Here are some WordPress articles....

5 Blog Startup Tips

I’ve just posted an epic blog post on Chicago WordPress Help’s sister site, the Chicago Blog Tutor, five tips to consider when starting a business blog. Since WordPress and blogging so nicely go hand-in-hand

Best WP Contact Form Plugins

Providing a way to contact a site owner and capturing website user data is an essential component for website. Typically, it’s standard practice for websites to provide users with a web form to submit their questions directly into the website

What is the default Twenty Eleven font?

ne of the more frequently asked questions we receive is “What is the new default font for the Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme?”. After digging through a few theme files, we’ve come up with

What’s a Gravatar

The makers of WordPress, Automattic, have always had this really cool avatar program call Gravatar. This online service allows users to register and associate a profile and photo to an email address thus, according to the website, creating a

WP 3.2 is here!

Happy 4th of July Chicago!  WordPress 3.2 is here and ready for dashboard updating.  Here's a quick overview of the steps needed to updated your core WordPress installation. Log in to your WordPress admin -  .../wp-admin/ Backup your databases Update plugins Update...

Getting ready for 3.2

The WordPress core team and bug testers are busy at work preparing for a new milestone release, including a new theme called Twenty Eleven, and we want to make sure you're ready for the update to 3.2.  There's several ways to see what's in the works but here's some...

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