WordPress Bootcamp

Learn the fundamentals of the open-source version of WordPress and build a powerful 1-page website using the Divi Theme. Jump start your DIY website or blog and learn by participating in 6 live learning modules.   

Instructor:  Joan Margau

Let’s build with WordPress together!

WordPress Live Online Bootcamp

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  • Design and build a professional WordPress website
  • You don’t need to know how to code
  • Beginners to long-time users of the internet welcome
  • Step-by-step live instruction
  • You’re in the right place

This Online Live WordPress Bootcamp is for you if:

You're a WordPress Beginner

WordPress is user friendly. It’s the number one used software for a website in the world. WordPress is secure and updated regularly.

You've Used WordPress but...

You want a professional WordPress website and need to optimize and register the website with search engines, and learn marketing strategies.

You don't think you can design

The Divi theme shows you how to design using premade layouts. No code needed. Choose from 125+ layouts. You’ll never be at a loss as to how to layout content.

Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth

Live presentations and coaching in the online bootcamp

Real Time Live Instruction

  • Working inside WordPress, Dashboard, Posts and Pages
  • Getting and installing a Divi Theme license and API key
  • Building your Homepage using a Divi a Layout Pack
  • Web Design techniques with the Divi Theme
  • Working with images and other media and how to get help
  • Submit your site to search engines
  • Explore a powerful digital marketing strategy
  • Take your website to the next level with the WP Bootcamp!

Step-by-step training on how anyone can leverage WordPress.

Your one-time registration fee provides all access to 6 live training events where we encourage you to ask questions and receive live feedback – all from the comfort of your home or office.


1st Module

Dig into the mechanics of content management by exploring the dashboard, post, and pages. 

  • Dive inside the WordPress Dashboard
  • Explore the WordPress Content Management System
  • Setting up your first Posts and Pages 


2nd Module

Gather the tools required to get started with WordPress, participate in a live demonstration.

  • Domain names
  • WordPress hosting requirements
  • Roadmap for Success

3rd Module

Purchase and install the Divi Theme. Learn how this theme can help you build great web content.

  • Deeper dive into the Divi Theme
  • How Divi Works
  • Learn about the Divi community and support features.

4th Module

Build a home page using a wide variety of premade templates provided by the Divi Theme.

  • Explore the Divi Library
  • Import a layout
  • Change a layout to match your needs

5th Module

Build proficiency with WordPress by learning more about working with other multimedia. 

  • Working with images and video
  • Techniques to make a appealing pages
  • Going further with content

6th Module

Share your work. Learn how to submit your site to search engines once you’re finished.   

  • Webmaster tools by Google and Bing
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Going further with Digital Marketing

This session is co-presented with Scott Winterroth

Online Bootcamp Training Requirements:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Modern computer with web camera
  • Quiet area to participate and focus on the instruction
  • The willingness to learn a lot of good information
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to start a fresh WordPress site if you already have one. Use this site either temporarily or as a sandbox learning site.


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Class sizes are limited so that all students get personal attention.

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