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Explaining WordPress widgets at one of my workshops is one of the hardest things to do.  I wrote a detailed blog post on contentacademy.com explaining the concept behind WordPress widgets and ho



Please click the link above to read or here is a direct link:  WordPress Widgets Explained


With 74.6 million blogs depending on WordPress software, how can you make YOUR WordPress blog stand out?  Here are 3 MUSTS for ensuring your WordPress blog’s awesomeness. Show Them How *Source: chrisguillebeau.com How can I lower my mortgage? How can I attract readers to my site? How can I make killer crème brulee? Going online… Continue Reading

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is sort of the grandfather code of the Internet. I’ve outlined a few HTML snippets that I think every WordPress bloggers should know by heart. Continue Reading

When setting out to learn WordPress, or any new skill, it’s always good to craft a plan and set deadlines. Learn where you stand by taking our simple self assessment. Continue Reading

Before you Begin Guide

Before attending one of our WordPress Jump Starts, there’s a few essentials “before you begin” steps that that we recommend every attendee complete before attending a workshop… Continue Reading