Your Plan to Learn WordPress

Your Plan to Learn WordPress

When setting out to learn WordPress, or any new skill, it’s always good to craft a plan and set deadlines.

Students who seem to excel with WordPress training are ones that have some sort of prior knowledge in basic HTML or have experience in graphic design.  While, in no way, are these required to get started learning WordPress but some basic knowledge of design and development principles can always help.

Be realistic with your learning objectives.  No skill or craft is mastered in one day.  If you have no prior website development experience then please don’t expect to walk away being able to design and develop WordPress themes and plugins.  For most, it can take years to learn all of the skills required to build mastery.

So you’re just looking to learn WordPress to master the basics and be more proficient with your own website or blog.

First of all, know where you stand.  Here is a simple skills inventory worksheet you can print out to decide on what areas you might already have a leg up and where you might need some extra help with. Be honest with yourself. No one needs to see this assessment other than you.  For the areas that you rated low, find a local workshop, meetup group or attend one of our starter sessions to build upon your skill base.

On Setting Goals to Achieve Your Mission to Learn WordPress.

Now that you have a better personal understanding of where you stand, think about where you would like to go with learning WordPress.   Plan out a timeline featuring different phases such as mastering a hosting account, building content or writing your first plugin.   Keep this plan in an area that’s visible to stay on track. Set aside a day each week to read up on WordPress how-to blogs and spend a few hours each day trying to learn a new skill.

For me personally, I was able to learn WordPress simply by always having a project that I was working on.  At first, I was learning how to use WordPress by constantly trying to build upon my country music blog.  Once I mastered that, then I started to build more websites.  Then I started building websites for others.  Each time, I always tried to add some type of personal challenge of that would require me to learn a new aspect of WordPress.  I still do this today.

I’m a strong believer in learning is by doing.  That works best for me.

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